Our story...told by Emilie Metzger

Our story...told by Emilie Metzger

In 1973, my beloved Mother-in-Law, Martha Sanchez Metzger, made the life altering decision to retire from her career as a teacher so she could take care of her own children!   Her father, Grandpa Sanchez, gave her an engraver after her second baby was born.  To this day, we still have our engraver, and our children have learned the art of engraving via this product.  The engraver enabled her to engrave trophies and bracelets, which was one of Grandpa Sanchez' businesses in Laredo TX.  Hamilton Trophies is still around today!   Mom utilized this engraver to engrave and create trophies from home during the early years.  During this time, it was against the law to run a business out of your home, so Mom and Dad made the decision to open up a Shop on Main Street in Mesquite.  

What is in a Name?

Metzger Trophies was our name back then.  Over time, we became Metzger Trophies and Engraving, Well, we started doing plaques.  We then became Metzger AWARDS. In the 1990's we started doing Promotional Products and became Metzger Awards and Promotional Products.  Today, we are still Metzger Awards and Promotional Products. Our e-commerce site, which is where YOU are, is called BuenoPromo.com  We also have PromoBueno.com and BuenoOffice.com and BuenoShirts.com. Our hand sanitizer is called BuenoTizer.  You can find it at BuenoTizer.com  

What do we love creating solutions for our clients?  

We love what we do, which is to assist our beloved clients in the creation of  strategic marketing initiatives based around our products.  Anyone can sell you a pen or blanket but our joy is guiding our clients to a plan.  We can create almost anything to achieve goals.  We have solutions for all prices and budgets.  We can also direct ship to YOUR Customers.  OR get everything packaged where all you have to do is label the padded envelope.  Our goal is to make your experience fun and simple; while making your client smile!

Our TEAM celebrates the opportunity to work with YOU!